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As one of the most popular banking methods for online gaming, Boku mobile billing certainly deserves its growing reputation. It’s the simplicity of the method that has many gamers looking for a Boku casino or bingo site. Boku Mobile Bingo Sites know that for many of you the matters of online security and payments, are key to choosing where you play. But equally as important is your options of withdrawing funds and for many they’re keen to use Boku to reclaim their funds. So we’re going look at how to withdraw funds using Boku and the other alternatives available.

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Sadly, Boku does not provide the option of withdrawing funds, as this is purely a depositing method. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at using phone bill payments to add credit, you’ll just have to use another withdrawal method if you win. But what are the other options available and how exactly do they work. Let us help you out with our guide to alternative banking methods to withdraw funds;

Banking Methods for Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing using Debit Cards (known as bank transfer)

Normally the first choice for many online gamers due to convenience and the fact that most of us are used to using them for other online activities. Boku WithdrawalPopular cards include Visa and Mastercard, but it’s always worth checking out the banking section first. In addition to checking the gaming site, we also recommend seeing if your card can be used to deposit on a casino or bingo site; as this isn’t a given.

When you register and choose this option, you’ll be required to provide the usual information such as the card number and CVV code. As with most methods you will then need to authorise the payment, which will normally be via email or phone depending on the casino.

Cash out days again vary for each casino, but we would expect a minimum of 3 to 6 business days. Once you have confirmed acceptance, then you can deposit or withdraw funds as usual. But be aware of minimum depositing amounts and service charges, which tend to be between 2% and 3%.

We would add that if you’re one of the many where online security is a concern, then the fact that you can trace any transactions should alleviate those fears.

Withdrawing using Cheque

It may seem a bit old school, but many gaming sites still offer the option of withdrawing your funds via cheque. We will prewarn you that this can be a slow process, but if that doesn’t matter to you then there are some benefits.

Withdraw Using Boku at Casino SitesThe length of time before you receive your money will depend on two things, the casino and your bank. Firstly, the casino has to produce and send you the cheque, which can take up to a week. But then you have to take the cheque to the bank and wait for it to be processed, which again can take up to 5-7 working days. There’s always the concern of post going missing and you can’t follow the transaction online once its been sent (it’s all in the hands of the Royal Mail).

With that in mind, why would anyone choose cheque as a withdrawal method? The main reason is the issue of online security. If you have chosen a depositing method such as Boku, then this will be an important aspect of your gaming. So, you may choose cheque so you don’t have to provide card details to the casino or bingo site.

Likewise, if you prefer to bank using an e-wallet but don’t wish to rack up costs when you withdraw (as they add a percentage fee), then again this maybe the perfect solution.

Withdrawing using e-Wallets

Some people think an e-wallet is another form of bank transfer, but this isn’t actually the case because an E-wallet is an effective two-stage withdrawal process. You first have to request your winnings be paid to your chosen wallet, then move the cash from there in to your bank account. E-wallets are essentially extremely secure payment handlers.

ewallet casino withdrawalThere are actually a couple of really handy benefits to e-wallet’s compared to direct bank transfers. Firstly, payments can be handled extremely quickly, in some cases the funds can be back in your wallet instantly. Secondly, you only have to provide your bank details on one occasion, so if you have several casino accounts you can use the one withdrawal method for them all.

The main reason this method is so fast, is due to the fact that you don’t have to wait for your bank to manually process the transaction. The cash literally just moves electronically, straight from the casino to the e-wallet provider.

Another added bonus of using online electronic wallets is their security. They often have better security software than most major banks, as well as higher fraud protection.

The only downside we could find to using electronic wallets, can be the charges that are sometimes incurred. Some wallets opt to charge you a handling fee when moving money from and to your bank account, although this is usually only a very small percentage of the withdrawal amount. The fee often relates to transfers via a debit card, so we always recommend directly connecting your bank account to avoid such fees.

E-Wallet Options

There are actually several companies to choose from that provide e-wallet’s, depending on which country you reside. PayPal and Neteller are probably the most popular with online gambling sites and their customers, due to the fact that they are worldwide brands.

To make life a little easier, these well-known brands have account settings to automatically handle incoming funds. For instance, you can set your account to instantly start the process of moving any payments directly in to your bank as soon as you receive them. So, you’ll never forget to do it yourself or accidently leave your winnings in your e-wallet.

If you can’t withdraw winnings using Boku which Method will you use?

We’re sure you’re disappointed about the fact that Boku or pay by phone bill, don’t allow you to withdraw funds back to your bank account. But with so many options available to you, there will be a chosen preference for everyone. Each method has its pro’s and con’s so it’s really up to you as to which you feel comfortable with. We would definitely recommend e-wallets such as Neteller, because they also offer Boku depositing so you’ll essentially have the best of both worlds.

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